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Hi, I'm Noah,
actor, presenter and creator.
My life is about expressing myself, through my mind, body and the latest technologies.
I'm energetic, passionate and always so excited to work on the next project!

Noah De Castello - Logo

I graduated from Dedalo Theatre School,
after studying Ancient Literature at P. Sarpi College. I was mentored by Christian De Sica, son of Academy Awards-winner Vittorio, and I live between London, Sydney and Milan.

Noah De Castello - Wood Noah De Castello - Hands

I worked on commercials for clients
such as The Guardian and Merlin Entertainments, performed in the 'Sydney Mardi Gras Show' and the first character I ever played was 'Ping',
in a rendition of the opera 'Turandot'.

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My passions are dancing,
sailing, horse-back riding,
learning new languages,
spending time with monkeys
and exploring the world.

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